Gunadarma Sharia Economic Event (GSENT) is the biggest event that held by Sharia Economic Forum, Faculty of Economics Gunadarma University. GSENT provides you a lot of information through international seminar, national seminar, national islamic economic olympiad,  student conference, and video competition. This event also has been held for 13 years and has given some experiences and becoming the place of networking for all of participants in Indonesia.

In this year GSENT 2019 presents you high quality knowledge about how important and a grand event as a proff of the love of the Islamic Economy and the development of Indonesia which was applied through its big theme this year, Halal Industry, Its Development and Challenges: The Implementation of the Maqashid of Sharia in Accelerating Indonesia becomes a Leading Country in Halal Industry. We are more excited and appreciate to invite you into this biggest event on April 1st – 6th 2019 in Gunadarma University Common Hall as participants in our seminars and delegations of your universities in our national islamic economic olympiad and video competition.